Katherine French-Ewing

Katherine French-Ewing, MA, LPC (Hope Into Light Counseling, LLC)

Welcome! Are you feeling like the waves of life are crashing into you making it hard to breathe sometimes?

Did you know that our emotions and memories get stored in our bodies and specific areas of the brain?

Is the grief, confusion, uncertainty, and sense of disconnect of this season taking a toll on your heart, mind, body, and spirit?

Let's invite Christ to gently release what has gotten stuck inside and replace it with his truth. Then you can choose to pour into others with fresh zest and enjoy life in a deeper way (yep, even in the midst of this worldly uncertainty!)

Areas Of Focus

Spiritual Concerns

Chronic Illness

Relational Pain


Negative Self Talk

Unexplained Body Sensations

Haunting Memories

A Recent Stressful Experience

Unexpected Transitions



Grief/ Loss


There are three primary reasons why the people I get to walk with pay privately.

1) Insurance companies require me, as your therapist, to divulge some sensitive information about your treatment.

2) Insurance companies require me to provide you with a diagnosis. I honor your confidentiality and find diagnostic terms, at times, to be counterproductive to psychological well-being and simply not Biblically aligned with how God sees us as His children.

3) Insurance companies will oftentimes dictate how many sessions you and I are approved to complete together. This practice can be restrictive and I want to do what is in your best interest as we collaboratively create an action plan for your soul care.


50 Minute Session
* However, if this is outside your budget, please contact me and we may be able to work something out. I also offer longer sessions, so please let me know if this interests you.


What really ignites my heart is helping clients identify the lie (or series of lies) they have come to believe and then inviting Jesus to dig up that toxic root (that chokes off life) from one’s spiritual garden and replace it with the healthy shoots of His redeeming truth!

Please note: the brain-body based approaches I offer can be an ideal fit for those who do not want to talk about their issues in-depth or for those who fear re-traumatizing themselves in context of talk therapy.

Clients who have gotten stuck in past traditional therapy oftentimes find the tools I use (that God in turn shines through) to be refreshing and deeply healing. Together we will figure out what is most effective for you.

If you'd like to read some comments from those on a soul care journey with me, please visit the following site:

Rest assured, God uses our times of pain, heartache, and struggle if we press into Him and fully engage in and surrender to the process he is bringing us through.

My Story

Hello! I am excited to connect with you! Windy Wyoming is my old stomping grounds and there I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and then after completing my required 100 hours of supervision and 2,000 work hours, I decided to secure my state licensure (LPC), which amplifies my ability to best serve the people I walk alongside.

As an undergraduate and then again in 2010, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and these were pivotal, life-changing seasons that literally brought me to my knees. Surgeons told me that I might never sing again and since I’ve always used my voice to connect with the Lord, this was a devastating prospect.

I slowly began to realize that although I was brought up in a Christian home, I only knew God in my head, not consistently in my heart. Once I invited Him into each nook and cranny of my life and chose to dedicate my life to Him through immersion baptism, Christ brought me through those dark seasons of my soul (yes, I can still sing!) and these cyclical seasons of challenge continue to deepen my trust and dependency on Him as well as transform my earthly relationships.

Now, when I stumble and fall flat on my face, I know who is lifting me up and who I run to in order to lay down my burdens and seek forgiveness for my thoughts and choices.

The Lord continues to allow me to be refined by the fires of life as he shows me how to endure through Him so that I in turn can pour hope and life into others in unique and powerful ways.

He always has purpose in allowing us to go through our seasons of pain and suffering. Even when we don’t see anything good possibly coming from our circumstances, He is lovingly shaping us more into the image of Christ and building us up in character.

My Calling

Counseling is not a profession – for me, it is a calling on my spirit.

It is my honor to walk with people through their oftentimes dark seasons, while holding that sense of hope and joy for them until they blinking, step into the brilliant light that awaits them just on the other side.

To bear witness to this transformative grace and newly ignited hope in so many lives is such an incredible blessing!

Experience and Background

On my way to earning my MA in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, my practicum was completed at Mountain States Children’s Home and there I began to connect with at-risk youth from all walks of life.

For internship, I believe that God opened two very different doors — one was here at Crossroads and the other was at Inner Balance, a holistic substance treatment program. I am so blessed to continue on here as part of the Crossroads team!

In addition to teens (and their families), I work with adults and each population occupies a special place in my heart. Please note that I do not offer after hours crisis counseling.

Here is a great resource page if you are feeling depressed or are thinking of taking your life or for those of you who know someone who is walking in depression or contemplating suicide:  Home – Colorado Crisis Services

It would be my honor to traverse this path with you to insight, strength, and hope should we choose to work together. We will figure out what kinds of approaches, tools, and solutions will be optimal for your relational, psychological, and spiritual growth.

Approach - why I am passionate about what the Lord is doing with Brainspotting!

Due to my desire to add a powerful research supported therapy to my toolbox, I completed training through PESI in brainspotting.

As I received my own brainspotting therapy, I began to witness first-hand how powerfully the Lord can work through this approach!

This integrative brain-body work can be effective in those clients with dream issues, anxiety, chronic pain, self-worth, performance issues, and those who are just feeling stuck or who are walking through depression.

Brainspotting can be more gentle and effective than EMDR for some people, especially those with complex trauma backgrounds, and is based on the understanding that where our eyes go affects how we feel and what is in the brain is in the body and vice versa.

This means that what you’ve held onto for so long in your mind and body can truly be released!

For more information about brainspotting, please watch the videos below: